About Computer Network Technicians In Canada at Elli Complice TI

Elli Complex Time I is employing a computer network specialist to do the tasks and fulfill the duties outlined in the job description. This is a full-time position with flexible hours, therefore those who fit the requirements are invited to apply. Candidates would be put through interviews, and those who did well would be given the job and could begin the hiring process right away. This work has received approval from LMIA.

Job Description

  • Solving problems related to network users
  • Implementing software, data, and hardware security procedures
  • Supervising technical personnel
  • Troubleshooting LAN, WAN, and mainframe networks
  • Administer the use of computer workstations and peripheral equipment
  • Set up internet connections and LAN
  • Modifying scripts, applets, and web pages
  • Performing recovery operations and web-server backup
  • Troubleshoot and upgrade web server hardware and software
  • Maintaining control records and performing routine network startup and shutdown
  • Evaluate networking software and operating system software
  • Loading computer tapes and discs
  • Installing software, print paper, and forms

Job Requirements

  • Have excellent written and oral communication
  • Have good problem-solving skills
  • Must possess important values and ethics
  • Should be accountable and reliable
  • Must be organized and flexible
  • Should have excellent time management skills
  • Should be at work early
  • Must have good interpersonal and judgmental skills
  • Must be customer-oriented

Experience required

  • The candidate chosen is required to have a minimum High school degree
  • 1-2 years experience working in a related role

Contract type

  • Full-time job


  • Fluency in English


  • 786 rue King Est, Sherbrooke, QC J1G 1C5; Remote work available
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Working conditions

  • Tight deadlines are expected to be met
  • Working under pressure
  • attention to details

Job Environments

  • Regulations governing safety must be strictly followed
  • Will work in cold, heat, and warm weather conditions
  • Requires strong hand-eye coordination

Safety and Security Concerns

  • The candidate chosen must provide a Criminal record


  • Health care plan
  • Vision care plan
  • Disability benefit
  • Life insurance
  • Pension plan


Successfully chosen candidates will earn $42,500-$65,000 per hour while working for 40-70hrs per week

Application Process

Applicants can then send an application to the following email address: [email protected]

Or visit their website for more information.

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