Ohio is a well-liked travel destination because of its beautiful countryside, adventurous lifestyle, and fantastic shopping. The amusement park Kings Island, which is its most well-known feature, is at last receiving some attention. The park’s aggressive pricing and thrilling rides have drawn a lot of people throughout the years. To assist provide tourists with a better experience, Kings Island is now looking to recruit more employees.

History of Kings Island

A premier amusement park called Kings Island may be found in Ohio, not far from Cincinnati. On April 29, 1972, it initially opened to the public, and it soon gained popularity as a travel destination. There are more than 100 attractions in the park, including three water parks and 14 roller coasters. Additionally, Kings Island features a sizable amusement park with several kid-friendly attractions.

Sid Bassett, the proprietor of Bassett’s Amusement Park in Springfield, Ohio, had the concept for the park at first. Bassett had ideas for a bigger theme park that would compete with Cedar Point and other nearby parks of a similar nature. He approached many developers about constructing the park, but they all rejected it because they were uncertain about its financial sustainability.

Benefits of working with Kings Island

A variety of advantages await you as a park employee, making Kings Island a terrific place to work. Everyone can find something at Kings Island, from healthcare and retirement savings choices to vacation time and 401(k) contributions.

Here are just a few of the numerous advantages you may anticipate working with Kings Island:

Health Insurance: All staff are insured by either Kaiser Permanente or Blue Cross/Blue Shield as part of the park’s healthcare system. Through your job, you may also add extra insurance.

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Retirement Savings Options: Kings Island employees have a variety of options for saving for the future, including a regular pension plan and a 401(k). Additionally, you may automatically deduct donations from your salary!

Vacation Time: Kings Island provides its staff with 10 days of paid vacation each year. That much time would be adequate for a weeklong family trip. Additionally, you might accrue additional vacation time if you utilize the volunteer program given by your employer.

Flexible Work Schedules: Most jobs at Kings Island allow for some degree of flexibility in terms of working less hours or taking time off in between shifts.

Qualifications for Employment at Kings Island

  1. At least 18 years of age is required.
  2. A valid driver’s license is required.
  3. You need not have a criminal history.
  4. There can be no unfinished disciplinary measures from your prior workplace (s)
  5. There is a background check required.

Relevant Experience for Kings Island

To work at Kings Island Park, you will require a variety of abilities. The following examples might be helpful:

  1. Knowledge of customers
  2. Skills in organization and coordination
  3. Ability to handle parking
  4. Talents in web development or graphic design
  5. Math abilities (to calculate distances, speeds, etc.)

Career Opportunities at Kings Island

Rides Operator: This position is in charge of running amusement park rides including vehicles and coasters. They must be able to maintain composure under pressure and possess outstanding customer service abilities.

Food service personnel: are in charge of ensuring that visitors have access to whatever they require while they are at the park. Serving refreshments and tidying up after themselves are included in this.

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Game Attendant: A game attendant is in charge of making sure that players of games like laser tag and miniature golf have a wonderful time. They need to be able to accommodate several visitors’ requirements at once and must be patient and attentive.

Guest Services Representative: While visitors are at the park, guest services representatives are in charge of offering them all kinds of assistance. This can entail guiding them where they need to go, responding to any inquiries they may have, or solving any issues.

Average wages for workers at Kings Island

One of the biggest amusement parks in the country, Kings Island has a large staff of park personnel. An employee at Kings Island Park makes an average yearly income of $19,880. This is significantly more than the average pay for amusement park employees ($16,000), which is little less than the national average wage of $20,000 per year. The majority of the workforce at Kings Island is made up of maintenance personnel, ride operators, and food service workers.

Process of applying to Kings Island

  1. Go to the Kings Island website and select the “Jobs” option first.
  2. Numerous job openings that suit your interests and credentials may be found on the Jobs website. Read the job description by selecting the position that most appeals to you. Next, spend some time explaining why you would be a good match for this role in response to a few questions regarding your qualifications.
  3. The next step is to build your resume on the information you have provided in your online application profile. For Kings Island to thoroughly evaluate it, be sure to include all of your pertinent education and experience details. Finally, fill out a form to request an interview, attach your résumé, and respond to a few questions about your work ethic.
  4. If you are chosen for an interview, Kings Island will get in touch with you to schedule a time. During the interview process, Kings Island will question you about your qualifications and work history for the position you applied for as well as how you would fit into their work environment.
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The place to be is Kings Island! They not only feature a tonne of entertaining rides, but they also provide wonderful advantages and a tonne of chances for advancement. Visit their website right away if you’re thinking of doing an online application or going to an interview.

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